Wednesday 16 April 2014

Specialty Beer Shops: Veux-Tu Une Bière

While it was still cold outside (though, not much has changed...) Adri and I took to the not-so-mean streets of Villeray to visit Veux-Tu Une Bière, neighbourhood beer shop, fish shop, nut shop, coffee shop, you name it they sell it. It had been a couple years since the last time I walked in, but it was just as small as I remembered it. The space is separated by a shelving unit, with refrigerators stocked with beer on either side of the unit. The shelves themselves display a multitude of fun products, though mostly too expensive or too niche, e.g. the pickled goods jars. Pickled goods are not even the half of it, they also sell fresh fish every Friday, interesting cheeses, an assortment of nuts (beer and nuts, nuts and beer), Le Bruloir coffee, and your everyday beer-lovers fare: chips and salsa. Oh, and lest we forget to mention the fresh chocolatines and croissants for sale at the cash register. But all that is less important than the beer - well, if you are me that is.


The beer is organized by bottle size and for the most-part colour; which is a fine way to organize ones beer inventory. However, where does one place the Black IPA? Good question. Their answer, with the other IPAs. Off-hand I cannot remember exactly what beers they have, but their selection is large and diverse enough to keep most fanatics coming back. Behind the cash register they display the new arrivals, as well as some vintage beers they are aging in their cellar for those with more discerning palates. If you have ever thought of aging your beer but are not sure how, or maybe you do not have the space, well it is worth checking out what they might have available. Personally, I enjoy trying new products whenever possible, so I picked up a bottle of K, by Brasseurs Illimites - when will they stop? I hope never. 

Overall, Veux-Tu Une Bière serves their neighbours well. They have an offering not found in any one place in the neighbourhood, and provide value added products i.e. bottle aging beer. And, locals do not just go their to buy beer, but they take advantage of having fresh fish every Friday, or of their large selection of nuts, coffee, pickled goods, and cheese. There is no one else doing it in Villeray, so if you are ever in the neighbourhood check them out. Worth it? We think so.

Thank you all once again, and we hope you enjoyed taking a peek inside Veux-Tu Une Bière with us. Come back soon for more Montreal Specialty Beer Shops.


- Jean

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