Wednesday 2 April 2014

Brewpub Series: Benelux (Verdun)

The weekend of Montreal's unforgivably cold St-Patrick's day weekend we spent our Saturday afternoon in the warm comforts of Benelux. We took the drive to Verdun's Wellington Street to finally check out Benelux's second location.

The bar is situated in an old building that must have been a bank or some other institution and underwent a great restoration project to be transformed into it's new occupation as a brewpub.

That afternoon there were a handful of patrons taking refuge from the never ending winter, having a cold beer trying hard to remember warmer days. We got cozy in a booth overlooking the rest of the bar and started down the beer menu written on a chalk board. We started off with samplers of Gertrude, Calico, Temperance, Victor, Allen, and Buzz - I felt as though I had met them before. They are definitely all worth getting to know, but you may know them better by their other names: Pils, California Common, Bitter, Sweet Stout, IPA, and Double IPA, respectively. Victor was solid, Allen was great, Calico was fantastic, but Buzz may just be one of the best double IPAs available on the Island.

The food menu looked great and we were tempted to order something after we saw what our neighbours were eating. We ordered a European sausage sandwich served on a fresh baguette with a side of sauerkraut, it was delicious and brought me back to our good times in Munich.  

I really enjoyed the vibe at this place, even if it may have been the middle of the day and empty. It was laid back and the young waitress was very endearing and I look forward to coming back in the beautiful days soon to come. And any one of these days Benelux will open up their beer garden, so get there early if you want to be able to enjoy awesome beers and equally awesome food with a clear blue sky overhead.


- Adri & Jean

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