Monday, 27 January 2014

Brewpub Series: Etoh Brasserie

Welcome to our new blog series featuring brewpubs in and around Montreal, which are helping to promote the local craft beer scene. If the freezing temperatures do not bother you too much, head to Etoh Brasserie, in the Villeray borough of Montreal, on the corner of St-Denis and Jarry. It is only a block away from Jarry Metro and just three blocks away from highway 40, depending on your transportation of choice.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Brew Day: The Scotch Ale Adventure!

To inaugurate our newly bought 15 gallon, stainless steel mash/lauter tun (MLT) with ball-valve we brewed a Scotch Ale. This is a very simple Scotch Ale, maybe too simple. For the grains, I purchased  5kg of two-row pale malt and 1kg of a darker caramel malt. For the yeast, I bought a vial of Burton Ale Yeast (WLP023). And, I already had a 50g bag of Tettnanger hops in my freezer. All ingredients for this brew day were bought at La Chope A Barrock. Sadly, we lost the sheet our recipe was written on during the clean up, so I will give you all the quick and simple version... minus the details.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Beer Party!!

Over the holidays, a group of friends and I finally got together to enjoy some of the cross-border beauties our friend had legally smuggled over the border this summer. Yes, I am talking about craft beer... Lucky for us we only scratched the surface of his beer stash, that means another beer party will be in order! The selection was awesome, we had representation from 9 distinct breweries and a total of 18 distinct brews. On hand were: Allagash, Dogfish Head, Orkney Brewery, Grado Plato, Stone, Kiuchi Brewery, Anchor Brewing, Southern Tier, and Huyghe Brewery.