Friday 19 December 2014

Vermont, Part 1: Hill Farmstead

It's been a few months since our weekend in Vermont but I thought I would still share some photos from that trip and I think I am a little overdue for a post. I was busy all summer working on my thesis and once that was finished I was occupied with converting my garage into my new beer making space, so before I get started on my beer production I wanted to get some other beer related events on the blog first.

Back in April we travelled down to Vermont for a short Beercation;Vermont seems to have become a beer mecca in the States and being such a short drive away from Montreal we had to make it down there at some point.

Our first stop was Greensboro where the one and only Hill Farmstead is located. This stop should be a priority for any Vermont beer trip because you can only buy this beer at the brewery. For directions from Montreal to Hill Farmstead brewery click this link ---> directions

The purchasing process is interesting and very long, each bottle you order is filled on the spot in growler bottles so that means you have to drink it up fast once you bring it home. In any case their Pale Ales are best consumed fresh i.e. within two weeks. During big bottle releases the wait can be long, but don't let that deter you it's all worth it! However, they recently expanded their brewery so I am not sure how that may have affected the purchasing process.

For a look at the renovations/expansion that Hill Farmstead undertook you can check out their Facebook timeline. And, for a refreshing read on the limited growth mentality of Shaun Hill (Head Brewer/Proprietor) check out this article, "Craft Beer, the (Very) Limited Edition". In sum, the intention is to cap production at 150,000 gallons a year. So do not expect to find their beers in bottles anywhere near you, you will still have to make the trip down to Greensboro.

We booked a room at a B&B in Waterbury, another epicentre of the Vermont beer scene, but more on that later! Enjoy The Photos!


- Jean

Be back soon!

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