Tuesday 25 February 2014

Specialty Beer Shops: Les Délires du Terroir

Back to our Beer Shop Series, not far from Marché Station 54, Les Délires du Terroir is situated along Montreal's infamous St-Hubert Plaza between Bellechase and Beaubien. If you're familiar with the plaza, you might associate it with wedding dress boutiques and cheap clothing shops, but it has gone through somewhat of a revival over the past years especially the section in which Les Délires du Terroir is located. 

Les Délires du Terroir is one of the first, if not the first, specialty beer boutique. Walking in to the boutique it reminds me of an old farmhouse shop that might have sold homemade pies or conserves. Their idea was quite novel at the time; they brought artisanal beer to Montrealers in a style that was very distinct, and really spoke to the changing culture of a generation. To describe it would be difficult, but they were - and are - the antithesis of the depanneur; Les Délires du Terroir represents quality, the local, artisans, and a nostalgia for times past. But, at the same time they are pushing what beer shops can and should be, they are the benchmark.  If not for them many shops, e.g. Veux-tu un Bière, Bières Etc., and others would not have developed into their current iterations. The shop is quaint and homey. And, yes I do believe that they will remain the dominant model for years to come.

 This has to be one of my favourite spots, the wooden shelves that line the back section of the shop show off traditional wood working that wonderfully display local products. the beer is well displayed on wooden shelves with certain beers sold cold from the fridge and in keeping with the Quebec law to sell alcohol food must also be sold on the premise so you can pick up some local cheese and chocolate. If you need to pick up a basket I guess you can get one here, but maybe they are just for decor.

Most importantly, what's the point of of writing a post on beer shops if we aren't going to pick up something to report on, so we took home Vin No.1, rum barrel aged barley wine from Microbrasserie Le Castor. We look forward to reporting back once we pop it open. 

What are you waiting for? Go check out the shop, Les Délires du Terroir, that brought style back to beer vending, and quench your thirst for awesome brews! 


- Adri


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