Monday 27 January 2014

Brewpub Series: Etoh Brasserie

Welcome to our new blog series featuring brewpubs in and around Montreal, which are helping to promote the local craft beer scene. If the freezing temperatures do not bother you too much, head to Etoh Brasserie, in the Villeray borough of Montreal, on the corner of St-Denis and Jarry. It is only a block away from Jarry Metro and just three blocks away from highway 40, depending on your transportation of choice.

We finally had the opportunity to head down there last weekend after running some errands, and checking out some beer shops in the vicinity (more on those to come). The place caught my eye from the first time I saw it; it really reflects the changing demographics in Villeray, changes that are slowly creeping northwards from the more trendy Mile End and Rosemont areas.

The bar has been open since September 2013 and has quickly made a name for its self in the neighbourhood. The decor is pretty minimalist and straight forward with accents of wood everywhere, from the park bench booths to the loft area for the DJ. The high ceiling is also very noteworthy; I have always loved bars and restaurants with high ceilings - they have a grandeur about them.

It was about 5 p.m. and the place already had some patrons enjoying their late afternoon with a glass of beer and the bar staff was preparing for the busy night ahead. We have not been at night, but I do know that when we pass by at night the place is always packed.

We ordered a glass of IPA and Red Ale made at Brasseurs du Monde by Etoh. They are "brasseur itinerant" or "homeless brewer", meaning they rent out space at breweries that are not yet brewing at full capacity. The Red Ale was perfect, nice colour and malty, and the IPA was not citrusy as I usually like it, but still a very good IPA.

It was nearing supper time and we were getting hungry, but we did not want a full meal as we had prior supper plans. So, we ordered a smoked meat sandwich to share, it was prepared on a ciabatta bun with smoked meat from a smoke house outside of Montreal, in Mirabel (I believe he mentioned Boucannerie Belle-Riviere...). It was a little different from the smoke meat sandwich Montreal is famous for, a little more refined with thinner slices of meat with a fresh coleslaw on the side. I would order it again, but I would get my own next time!

I look forward to going back to Etoh, the staff was friendly, good bar food on the menu, and a solid selection of beer. This pretension free bar is a great place for craft beer lovers and those who are curious about the options that lie outside the big commercial brewers... OH! and of course native Villeroises looking for an awesome locale .

I am happy to see good bars locating outside the Plateau and Downtown, where local residents are also crying out for good beer. I hope this means more local bars that serve good beer in friendly environments will continue to find their way into other parts of the city.


- Adri

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  1. I'm looking forward to checking this place out!
    Awesome new format BTW