Tuesday 17 December 2013

Vienna: BrewPubs

A surprise stop in our European beer tour. 

We arrived in Vienna not expecting much from their beer scene, we were so focused on our two main beer destinations, Munich and Prague, that Vienna kind of fell to the way side. The information online is sort of lacking, but nonetheless we found some good places to enjoy a pint. Our favorite beer site ratebeer.com always has helpful info on where to find a good beer when in a foreign land. During the day we enjoyed Vienna's famous UNESCO Heritage Viennoiseries but we made time for a  couple stop offs at local brewpubs in the evening.

Arriving there in the late afternoon we had only two and a half days in Vienna. The hostel we stayed at was awesome. Hostel Ruthensteiner is the ideal travelers hostel with a great atmosphere, in-house services and access to facilities i.e. kitchen and laundry room, and to top it off we got upgraded to an apartment suite. We took a walk down the large Marianhilfer Strasse where you can find all the big brand stores, but we were not there to shop so we veered off the main street to the cobble stone roads of the Spittelberg neighborhood where we found Plutzer Brau, nestled in the corner of a picturesque square. The food might have been mediocre, Jean had a sausage that looked like an octopus, but we had some great beers to start off our stay in Vienna.

We spent our second day at the Royals' summer hangout, Schonbrun Palace, dining on some apple strudel.

In the evening we found a bar to go to in the University District called Einstein. The terrace of the bar was covered by a beautiful cathedral ceiling passage.


The next day we spent the morning walking through Vienna`s Naschmarkt until the rain came and we headed inside to the Belvedere Musuem to catch the Klimt exhibit. Luckily right next door there was a brewpub that served up some hardy meals with beer made in house.

To finish our three days in Vienna right, we headed to Cafe Landtmann to have one more apple strudel before heading back to the hostel to make use of their laundromats.

To help you out on your future trip to Vienna here are a list of places you could visit:

That concludes our European Beer tour posts, until next time!


- Adri

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