Sunday 10 November 2013

Munich: Hofbrauhaus Beer Hall

The day after our Oktoberfest experience we spent the rainy afternoon wandering around the central parts of Munich. We landed upon the famous Hofbrauhaus, but seeing as we had spent the day before downing their wonderful litres of beer we just sneaked inside to check out the interior and the "Vominator" (if you guessed a vessel made for patrons who have overindulged, you guessed Right!).

"The Vominator"

That evening we went for supper at a cool restaurant that served Franzischaner beer, establishments will rarely serve beer from two different beer houses. They must pledge allegiance (or a signed contract) to one beer maker and serve only their beer. After a couple of days of not seeing anything green on my plate I choose a salad and Jean had a beef goulash with dumpling, can't get enough goulash when travelling in Germany.

P.S. Note to self do not go to a German restaurant and order salad. Stick with the classics.

Well that wraps up our time in Munich for now, I would strongly recommend making it a priority to anyone visiting those parts of Europe, it is a classy city that knows how to have a good time. Even if you can't make it during Oktoberfest there are tones of beer halls, beer gardens, and good restaurants that showcase everything Munich has to offer.

Bis bald!

- Adri