Tuesday 1 October 2013

Specialty Beer Shops: Le Bièrologue

The next stop on our beer journey is Le Bièrologue, located a couple blocks north-east of Bières Etc. on the corner of Ontario street and avenue Letourneux. And, a short walk from Marché Maisonneuve - an historical public space and symbol of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. Le Bièrologue opened their doors in 2012; further evidence of the growing popularity of Quebecois artisanal beer. Though, we do not think any more evidence is required...Both of these beer shops are located in the eastern section of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. That is enough for the geography lesson, onward to the shop itself.

The shop is rather large, uncluttered, and has an air of openness to it. The selection is large and the variety is representative of the Quebec beer scene. On the Saturday afternoon that we went, the shop had four employees on hand: one at the cash, one to service the clientele, one offering samples, and another who may have been the owner. Overall the staff is knowledgeable and approachable. They had two pumpkin beers on offer, one of them being the St-Ambroise Pumpkin Ale. We would just like to note that McAuslan's St-Ambroise Pumpkin Ale is not brewed with a substantial amount of pumpkin, and that the flavours present are typical of pumpkin pie spices - nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice. That being said, it is an excellent beer!

As usual we never leave a beer store empty handed, we bought two beers. The first one was Le Castor's Blond Pale Ale, we have yet to drink it. The second was Brasseurs Illimités F - Hopweizen, we have yet to try this one either. Although the reviews on rate beer are terrible for the F- Hopweizen the guy serving us at the cash told us that he enjoyed the beer. On our way out of Le Bièrologue we were treated to some tasty, flavoured popcorn. Probably the most delicious popcorn we have ever had, made right here in Quebec! 

Thanks for reading about Le Bièrologue and make sure to stop by next time you're in Ho-Ma; maybe after a nice afternoon at the Market, who knows. Also, make sure to support all your local specialty beer shops, because without you they do not exist. And, we mean support all of them!! There is no need to play favourites. 


- Jean

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