Saturday 14 September 2013

Beer Festivals: Oktoberfest des Québécois 2013 edition

Another weekend pilgrimage to the outskirt's of Montreal to taste Quebec's finest craft beer. The Oktoberfest des Québécois held in Repentigny every year to pay homage to the mother of all beer festivals, Munich's own Oktoberfest. 

We went down on Sunday afternoon with a group of friends; I found the festival to be a little underwhelming compared to our day at Chambly the week prior. The variety of brewers was a little more limited and the crowd a little more well behaved. That being said you can't have a bad time sitting outside in the sun with beer tasters galore to be had. Lucky for us, some tents that we didn't have time to try last week at Chambly were at Repentigny:  Noire Blanche Microbrasserie from St-Eustache and Saint-Arnould from Mont-Tremblant which has been around for 15 years. Noire Blanche Microbrasserie was offering their Litchi-tchin, blanche  4,7% in cask and every time there is a cask beer around I am on board. You can't buy cask products in stores and not all brew pubs will have it on hand because of the cost and difficulties that can be encountered trying to keep the beer fresh. 

Two of the most note worthy beers of the day were the Imperial Blanche from Schoune and the Barely Wine on Randal from Les Trois Mousquetaires, I would definitely recommend you give either beer a try if there are on the menu. 

At the end of the day we had a great time, it was fun getting back into our lederhosen and dirndl, it brought back great memories from our time in Munich last year (Stay tuned for more on that adventure!).

Cheers...excuse me I mean Prost!

- Adri

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